Transition to film

I love photography, and so many different aspects of it fascinate me. I’ve recently made a shift to shooting film, and I can not believe how much this transition reinforced my love for photography. The technical aspects, the cameras, lenses push me to engage with photography in a completely different way than I am used to, films are one side to it, which is a whole world of it’s own, its so interesting to see how different films give you different results. It’s like your retouching or photoshop process has to happen before you even take the shot.

Hasselblad 500c / Portra 160 / Soweto. South Africa

Hasselblad 500c / Portra 160 / Soweto. South Africa

On the technical side it’s the reason why I could hardly limit myself to one camera, format and film, I am too curious about trying something different, changing my approach, being confronted with different limitations, advantages and how I react to them, personally and photographically.

Content-wise I started looking at capturing moments that make me feel something, evoke an emotion, happiness or sadness, I stage and create the pictures that reflected what I feel. I also now have a big interest in documentary photography, it is a lot more challenging because it is not controlled, you have to use what you have and what you see in that moment.

I shot these with: Hasselblad 500c, Leica M7. Film Portra 160, Tri-X 400 and illford Delta 400